Council and Committee Meetings

This page provides links to the agendas and minutes of Council's committees and ordinary meetings.

More information is available on Councils meeting structure (PDF 47kb) including how recommendations become resolutions, when documents are available and how to access them.

Council committees and ordinary meeting documents have been published from 2001, other committees from 2008.  If you require access to documents not displayed please contact the Governance section on (02) 4429 3356.

2015/16 meeting dates (PDF 27kb) for Council meetings and Core committees. 
Council meetings
Council (ordinary) meetings - 2014 to present
Council (ordinary) meetings - 2010 to 2013
Council (ordinary) meetings - 2001 to 2009

Core Council Committees (with delegated authority) 
Development Committee - 2010 to present
Development Committee - 2001 to 2009
Special Development Committee - Draft Shoalhaven LEP
Strategy & Assets Committee

Committees with delegated authority
Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee
Regional Development Committee
Shoalhaven Arts Board  
Shoalhaven Sports Board
Youth Advisory Committee

Advisory (Special interest) Committees
Aboriginal Advisory Committee
Business & Employment Development Committee
Children's Services Reference Group
Council Bushcare Representatives Group   
Rural Fire Service Strategic Planning Committee
Shoalhaven Access Advisory Committee
Shoalhaven Heads Estuary Taskforce
Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group
Natural Resource & Floodplain Management Committees (NRFMC)
Northern Shoalhaven NRFMC
Central Shoalhaven NRFMC 
Southern Shoalhaven NRFMC

Outside committees
Shoalhaven Traffic Committee
Safe Community Action Team
South Coast Co-operative Library Services

Disbanded committees

Agendas and minutes for disbanded committees are included for information:  
Council committees
Policy and Planning Committee (up until 11 March 2008)
Works and Finance Committee (up until April 2010)
Crown Reserve, Community and Commercial Operations Committee (up until May 2010)
Resources & Reserves Committee (up until September 2011)
Budget Working Party (up until September 2011)
Policy, Resources & Reserves Committee (up until August 2012)
Shoalhaven Water Operations & Strategic Review Committee (up until August 2012)
Policy and Resources Committee (up until September 2015)
Other committees
Business and Jobs Growth Committee (renamed Business & Employment Development Committee September 2012)
Caravan Park Flood Safety Study Project Steering Committee (disbanded 30 September 2008)
Coastal Management Committee (incorporated into Northern/Central/Southern Shoalhaven NRFMC's - January 2013)
Climate Change Risk Management Committee (renamed Sustainable Shoalhaven Committee August 2010)
Council Logo Steering Committee (disbanded September 2009)
Council Property Steering Committee (incorporated into Strategy & Assets Committee Oct 2015)
Crematorium Consultative Committee (disbanded 25 September 2012)
Crookhaven Heads Lighthouse Steering Committee (disbanded 16 September 2014)
DCP57 Review Committee (disbanded 20 September 2011)
Events Shoalhaven Board (disbanded 25 September 2012)
Executive Marina Review Committee (disbanded 25 September 2012)
Far South Shoalhaven NRFMC (incorporated into the Southern Shoalhaven NRFMC - January 2013)
Financial Strategy Sub Committee (disbanded 16 September 2014)
Industrial Development Advisory Committee (renamed Business & Jobs Growth Committee June 2009)  
Industrial Development and Employment Committee (disbanded 30 September 2008)
Jervis Bay NRFMC (incorporated into the Central Shoalhaven NRFMC - January 2013)
Legal Proceeding Review Committee (disbanded 30 September 2008)
Living Futures (renamed Safe Community Action Team March 2009)
Nowra CBD Action (replaced by Nowra CBD Revitalisation Strategy Committee December 2014)
Nowra CBD Car Parking Development Committee (disbanded 25 September 2012)
Nowra Pool Advisory Committee (disbanded 16 September 2014)
Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre Board (disbanded 26 June 2012)
Shoalhaven River NRFMC (incorporated into the Northern Shoalhaven NRFMC - January 2013)
Sustainable Shoalhaven Committee (disbanded 25 September 2012)
Shoalhaven Tourism Board (replaced by Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group 29 July 2014)
Tourism Development Committee (disbanded 30 September 2008)
Ulladulla Harbour and Millards Creek Natural Resource and Floodplain Management Committee (incorporated into Far South NRFM Committee 30 September 2008)

Agendas and minutes for Council and Committee meetings from 27 September 2016 onwards.

When Agendas for Council meetings and any other committee meetings are published, the meeting date and documents will appear in the table below (if you are unable to see the table below  click here).

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