Warden Head Lighthouse Master Plan


Shoalhaven City Council are proudly supporting and collaborating with the local Ulladulla Lighthouse Group in preparing a community-led Master Plan for the Warden Head lighthouse and lookout area. This is an important area with a long history for Ulladulla and the surrounding communities.


The need to advance improvement efforts at the Warden Head Lighthouse has been a grass roots, community-led effort over the past four years by the local Ulladulla Lighthouse Group. The Ulladulla Lighthouse Group convenes regularly to discuss issues relating to the site and play an active role in advocating for improvements to the site, including applying for funding to improve the amenity of the site.

Council is proud to support the efforts of and collaborate with the Ulladulla Lighthouse Group to design the community-led Warden Head Lighthouse Master Plan which aims to build on the existing character of the lighthouse and improve the recreational experience for visitors to the site.

At completion, the Warden Head Lighthouse Master Plan will be presented to the Ulladulla Lighthouse Group with a series of prioritised, actionable items to continue to advocate for and advance the upgrade of the Warden Head Lighthouse, a Crown Land owned and managed site.

The initial consultation concluded on 15 October and submissions are being reviewed. More consultation will take place in December 2020.


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