Sustainability and Climate Policy

As a local Council there is a lot that we can do to protect our environment and ensure that our community and the places we all love are resilient and prepared for the impacts of climate change.

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  • Project StatusIn Progress
  • Last reviewed 10 July 2023

About the project

Sustainable and liveable environments are one of the four key priorities identified by our community as part of our Community Strategic Plan, and Council is committed to delivering this outcome for our region. 

Project vision

To establish a Policy which outlines Council’s long-term commitment to address climate change and integrate the principles of sustainability across Council operations and throughout the wider Shoalhaven community.

The Policy will be supported by a detailed Sustainability and Climate Action Plan with actions aligned against the following six key priorities:

  1. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and responding to climate change challenges
  2. Living in balance with our natural environment to protect and support our ecosystems
  3. Ensuring our assets, towns and villages are future-ready, environmentally sustainable, and climate resilient
  4. Using materials wisely and avoiding waste to protect natural resources
  5. Supporting our community to adopt positive sustainable living practices and prepare for a changing climate, and
  6. Innovating and collaborating to achieve better outcomes for our community and environment.

To support this Policy, Council is developing a detailed Action Plan to ensure we achieve our goals and objectives.

The draft Policy was adopted by Council on 28 November 2022.

The Sustainability and Climate Policy sets out Council's vision and commitment to create a thriving, resilient and sustainable Shoalhaven, which provides a healthy environment for current and future generations.