Natural Disaster Reconstruction Works

The Shoalhaven was declared a Natural Disaster Area 5 March 2022 after an East Coast Low and subsequent rain events. This had a major impact on our communities, with landslips affecting roads and property. Some roads were severely impacted by these rain events.

You will find information on planned reconstruction works to repair damage caused by the 2022 natural disasters on this page.

  • Project StatusConstruction
  • Last reviewed 26 September 2023

The latest

Landslip repair works are currently underway on:
Upper Kangaroo River Rd - Upper Kangaroo River
Bunkers Hill Rd - Barrengarry
Mt Scanzi Rd - Kangaroo Valley
Abernathys Rd - Budgong
Woodhill Mtn Rd - Woodhill
Burrier Rd - Burrier
Bamarang Rd - Bamarang

For repair works and closure schedule see: Related Documents - Lookahead Program 21 September 2023

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About the project

If your road was affected by the 2022 Natural Disaster events find repair works information on:

Natural Disasters Repair Work Listings

The Shoalhaven community showed incredible resilience again following the March 2022 natural disaster event that brought heavy and sustained rainfall. This caused widespread damage to our public infrastructure and impacted our community.

The July 2022 east coast low natural disaster event brought torrential rain, damaging winds and floods that caused widespread landslips, road damage and isolation for some in our community.

The September 2022 severe weather and floods were also declared a natural disaster, mainly causing widespread damage to western NSW communities. This weather event did impact the Shoalhaven LGA, although damage to our infrastructure and impacts to our community were much milder.

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For the months of January to July 2022, rainfall in Barrengarry alone reached a total of 2,059mm (see related documents) compared to an average rainfall for the same period of 854mm and was more than double the rainfall what residents would normally experience. This follows two summers of La Niña weather patterns with a third La Niña expected over the 2022/23 summer expecting to bring more heavy rainfall and flooding. 

During this time 3 severe weather events were declared natural disasters by the NSW Government:

  • AGRN1012 – NSW severe weather and flooding from 22 February 2022 onwards
  • AGRN1025 – NSW severe weather and flooding from 27 June 2022 onwards

The impacts on public infrastructure were significant, including:

  • 1200 records of damage and emergency works across the Shoalhaven
  • an estimated $75 million in damaged roads
  • an estimated $4 million in damage to flood levees
  • 98 landslips (38 classified as major) affecting 23 roads
  • 13 sinkholes

The estimated cost to repair the damage is nearly 4 times the value of Council's normal roads and transport annual capital work construction program budget. To respond to this challenge, Council set up a dedicated natural disaster reconstruction team to focus on the repair work.

The above data is as of July 2022. For updated data see Ordinary Council Meeting reports in Related Documents. 

The severe weather and floods in September 2022 were also declared natural disaster.

  • AGRN1034 – NSW severe weather and flooding from 14 September 2022 onwards

Natural Disaster Funding Arrangements

As both severe weather events have been recognised as natural disasters, Council is eligible for federal funding to restore essential infrastructure under strict conditions outlined in

Under these funding arrangements, Council is seeking funding under Category B measures for ‘restoration of essential public assets’.

There are three distinct stages of restoration works:

Stage 1: Emergency work (Completed)

Removal of debris to allow restricted traffic movement.

Load limits (refer below) and traffic management have been imposed on some roads around the region to improve driver safety and prevent further road damage.

Stage 2: Immediate reconstruction work (Completed)

In certain locations, significant repair work has been completed to improve public safety and restore property access for residents.

See related documents for a list of the immediate reconstruction works completed to date.

Stage 3: Essential public asset reconstruction work (In Progress)

Stage 3 involves the investigation, design and construction of the initial 38 high priority landslip repairs impacting roads is a large undertaking and planning for this work is well underway.

Planning for the lower priority works, including initial investigation, recommendations and concept designs, will commence early November 2022 and will follow a similar process to the higher priority works.

2023 Project Updates

20/07/2023 - See Major Landslip Package Program update - V4 July in Related Documents.

23/06/2023 - See Major Landslip Package Program update - V3 22 June 2023' in Related Documents. 

21/06/2023 - See Construction Program Remediation - Multiple slips - update in Related Documents.

28/4/2023 With high rainfall predicted, Council staff will be actively inspecting road conditions on the weekend. This is consistent with the adopted Trigger Action Response Plan to ascertain the stability of roads & the need for temporary road closures. See Trigger Action Response Plan details at the bottom of this page.

17/4/23 - Due to delays in the procurement and delivery of special hot rolled steel channel product from South Australia, the commencement date for landslip repair work along Upper Kangaroo River Rd will be delayed by two weeks. Repair work will now commence on Monday 1st May. Completion date for Upper Kangaroo River Rd and the proposed commencement dates on all other roads remain unchanged.

3/3/2023 - The latest construction program proposed by the contractor Symal for the 38 the Major Landslip repair work has been released and is available in the related documents on this page.  See "Major Landslip Package Program March 2023".

A summary of this construction program is also shown below by clicking on the heading "Major Landslip Package Planned Program of Work”

21/2/2023 - As previously reported, Council resolved on the 15th February 2023 to proceed with the appointment of infrastructure and construction group Symal to repair the 38 major landslips affecting 15 of Shoalhaven Council’s roads. Council has provided Symal a schedule of works which prioritises the most urgent landslips with the first round of works expected to begin in late March 2023.

This week Council project management team will be meeting with the contractor to confirm planned dates when individual landslip repairs will commence. This project master page and the 15 individual roadworks pages will be updated to provide the planned commencement dates for the 38 landslip repairs as soon as these dates are confirmed. You can view the list of major landslips and the assigned construction priorities by clicking on the heading “Major landslip package priorities” below. 

14/02/2023 - Contract awarded - Council has resolved to proceed with the appointment of infrastructure and construction group Symal to repair the 38 major landslips. Council has provided Symal a schedule of works which prioritises the most urgent landslips with the first round of works to begin in late March 2023. To view the list of major landslips and the assigned construction priorities, refer to the Major landslip package priorities below. 

2022 Project Updates

22/12/2022 - Four tenders for the repair of 38 landslips were received. A comprehensive evaluation process has been completed and a recommendation has been forwarded to Public Work Advisory (PWA) for endorsement. It is anticipated that PWA will evaluate the tender acceptance report and respond to Council mid-January.

15/12/2022 - Tender Process for the Landslip packages is progressing well.

The current status of the Landslip Tender is as follows;

  • Council has received four bids in the tender box.
  • Non-price evaluation is complete with promising proposals from experienced contractors.
  • Price evaluation is nearing completion with final checks and balances being considered for each submission.
  • Project references and financial checks on each of the bidders is currently underway.
  • After the above checks, direct discussions with preferred tenderers will be undertaken.
  • Based upon evaluation to date we are confident that the tender process will result in an award of the works.
  • From review of the submissions both options A and B as per Councils strategy are real possibilities under consideration.
  • Prior to the Christmas break the evaluation team is confident that the process will be complete with reports sent for endorsement.

31/10/2022 - The investigation, design and construction of the initial 38 high priority major landslip repairs impacting roads is a large undertaking and planning for this major program of work is well underway.

Geo-technical consultants, SLR Consulting P/L, have been engaged to undertake the detailed investigation and design of the landslip repair work of the 38 high priority sites. The investigation and drilling work is now complete as well as the environmental due diligence assessment and preliminary cost estimates. Design work has now reached 85%.

With assistance from the NSW Public Works Advisory, tender documents for the 38 high priority works were completed and issued for public tender on 31 October 2022 and closed on 6 December 2022. 

eTendering - Current Tender Detail View - RFT-10053781 ( 

The extensive tender evaluation process is likely to take several weeks depending on the quantity and quality of the tenders submitted. Prior to Council accepting any tender, Council has an obligation to seek final endorsement from the NSW Public Works Advisory regarding the preferred tender, as well as endorsement from TfNSW who approves the final scope of work, the allocation of Natural Disaster funds and verifies compliance with the NSW Disaster Assistance Arrangements.

Allowing for the Christmas shutdown period, a tender for the 38 major land slip repair work is likely to be accepted in late January 2023 which will allow Council to enter into a construction contract.

Depending on the time it takes for the contractor to mobilise equipment, staff and to procure materials it is now most likely repair will commence in March 2023.


Completed Interim Slip Repairs

The following land slip, interim works have completed under Stage 2 (immediate reconstruction works), to allow restricted traffic access under strict load limits:

  • Wattamolla Rd – two locations
  • Upper Kangaroo River Rd – two locations
  • Foremans Rd
  • Woodhill Mountain Rd
  • Suffolk Rd

Upcoming Road Works 

Tender packages are ready for advertising pending approval from TfNSW. Individual road repair project pages will be updated when approval is received.  

Find road repair information on the Natural Disaster Repair Works Listings page, subscribe to stay updated:

View Natural Disaster Repair Works Listings

Current Road Load Limits

The following roads have strict load limits imposed for public safety:


Dry Weather Load Limit

At 136 Bunkers Hill Rd, Kangaroo Valley

5 tonne– resident access only, closed to other traffic

24/7 load & traffic restriction enforcement in place

North of368B Bunkers Hill Rd, Kangaroo Valley

Closed to all traffic. Slumping and slippage of road embankment continues

At 40 Foremans Rd, Kangaroo Valley

5 tonne – resident access only, closed to other traffic

Wattamolla Rd, Woodhill Mountain

9 tonne, entire length

24/7 load & traffic restriction enforcement in place

At 685 Upper Kangaroo River Road, Upper Kangaroo River

9 tonne – resident access only, closed to other traffic

24/7 load & traffic restriction enforcement in place

Kangaroo Valley Road, Kangaroo Valley 12 tonne
Abernethys Rd, Budgong 3 tonne

The imposed road load limits at various slip sites have been confirmed by Council’s geotechnical consultants by applying slope stability analysis. This considers vehicle loads, geology, soil conditions and road embankment slopes to derive a factor of safety against further embankment collapse. 

For more information see Related documents.


Vehicle Weight Limit Exemption Application

Council road management staff will consider requests for an exemption to a load limit at a landslip site, and this can be done by downloading and completing the SCC Application Form – Load Limit Exemption.

Any consideration of a temporary load limit exemption would be on a risk assessment of slope stability undertaken by Council’s geotechnical consultant.

Allow at least 10 business days to have this application considered.

Road Closures - Trigger Action Response Plan (TARP)

This TARP assists us to manage existing and historical land slip sites based on predicted rainfall events. 

Roads currently affected due to landslips can deteriorate and slip further due to further heavy rainfall. Council has trigger points when deciding to close a road to all traffic for safety reasons:

Predicted rainfall in

24-hour period

Council Action

 Less than 50mm
  •  Manage road as if under “Dry Conditions” with daily inspections.
  • Should new tension cracks or edge slumps appear, or increase, the road will be closed at the landslip site and reopened pending engineering advice.
 Between 50mm and 100mm
  • Continue to manage road as if under “Dry Conditions” with increased frequency of inspections.
  • If new tension cracks or edge slumps appear, or increase, the road will be closed at the landslip site and reopened pending engineering advice.
 Above 100mm
  • CLOSE ROAD (just before rain commences)
  • Inspection to occur only when rain has stopped.
  • The road is only re-opened after surface water has dissipated and no further rain is imminent.
  • If new tension cracks or edge slumps appear, or increase, the road will remain closed and only be reopened pending engineering advice.

The nature of the landslip hazard is such that in most cases it is not possible to give notice of a road closure before a road closure is implemented. Council understands the impact that a road closure can have on residents and the Community and only implement such measures in the face of imminent hazardous conditions.

Storm and Flood Customer Care Service

If you have been affected by the March or July 2022 severe storms and floods, there are a range of assistance measures that may be available to support you.

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