Lower Shoalhaven River - Coastal Management Program

With 165kms of breathtaking coastline in the Shoalhaven LGA, Council understands the immense environmental, social, cultural, and economic value that this coastline provides for our community.


About the project

Shoalhaven City Council is currently developing Coastal Management Programs (CMPs) across the Shoalhaven to plan for the future of our coastline and estuaries, in accordance with the Coastal Management Act (2016). It considers historic events, current conditions, and future trends including population growth, environmental conditions, and climate change. CMP’s identify coastal management issues and the actions required to address these issues in a strategic and integrated way. It will also detail how and when those actions are to be implemented, their costs, and funding mechanisms.

For more information about the Lower Shoalhaven CMP project, please visit the Lower Shoalhaven River Get Involved web page.

For information about the broader CMP program, visit the Shoalhaven Coastal Management Program Get Involved web page.