Huskisson/Vincentia SPS 7, Rising Main and Gravity Main Upgrades

A review of the existing sewerage systems has identified a need to upgrade the Huskisson/Vincentia SPS 7 rising main, gravity main and emergency storage.

A satellite map of the proposed works.

About the project

As part of Council’s asset management practices, Shoalhaven Water has identified the need to upgrade and replace the sewer rising main, gravity main, and pump station in Montague St, McNamara St, and Berry St Vincentia.

Council has completed detailed designs of the Sewer Pumping Station (SPS) 7 (Montague St), rising main and gravity main upgrades. The upgrades are necessary to allow for increased pump capacity to ensure efficient pumping and reduce the risk of sewer overflows into the environment.

Council has prepared a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) to assess and identify the potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed upgrades within the context of the environmental constraints in the Shoalhaven Region.

The detailed designs for the proposed upgrades were completed in August 2023, taking into consideration the environmental constraints highlighted in the REF.

The REF will be placed on Public Exhibition between 8 November and 29 November 2023. Any person may make written submissions to Shoalhaven City Council about the proposed activity by the close of business on 29 November 2023.

View Documents on Exhibition

Construction of this project is anticipated to commence in early 2024.

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