Flourishing Shoalhaven Communities

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  • Project Status

Council is talking with community members throughout the Shoalhaven to improve understanding of what our communities need to thrive, and for everyone to have a good life in the Shoalhaven.

We are talking to people throughout the Shoalhaven about their social needs and the barriers they see in their community, and what opportunities they see to address them. We are asking people living in the Shoalhaven for thoughts, ideas and information.

We will use this information to produce reports that describe the findings for each of the communities. These reports will be available to community members and groups to support the development of community-led actions, including providing information that can be used for grant applications to help people in Shoalhaven communities to bring their ideas into reality.

With a better understanding of what Shoalhaven communities need to thrive, Council and the community can work together on strategic action for thriving communities across the Shoalhaven.

For more information, visit the Flourishing Shoalhaven Communities Get Involved web page.