Burrier and Brundee WPS - High Voltage Substation Renewal Project

Shoalhaven Water supplies fresh clean water to more than 52,000 homes and businesses in the Shoalhaven. Clean water is vital to our health, hygiene and the productivity of the community.

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  • Project StatusIn progress
  • Last reviewed 06 February 2023

About the project

Shoalhaven Water own and maintain 3 large storage dams which store water ready for processing, before being pumped throughout the city to the residents and visitors of the Shoalhaven.

Our water supply network consists of:

  • 38 water reservoirs
  • 26 pumping stations
  • Over 1,500 km of water mains.

As part of Shoalhaven Water’s ongoing asset maintenance regime, it has been identified that both High Voltage (HV) electrical substations at Council’s existing Brundee and Burrier Water Pumping stations have come to their end of life being constructed 1981 and 1982 respectively.

Both HV substations, constructed in the 1980’s, are now approximately 40 years old and Shoalhaven Water has identified the need to plan and execute major upgrades to the Brundee and Burrier WPS HV Substations.

In 2015, Shoalhaven Water engaged a specialist electrical contractor to review the existing installations, undertake comprehensive condition assessments and proposed upgrade feasibility assessments. The conclusion of these investigations was that although the existing  substation equipment at both sites were still in acceptable electrical condition, the age of the equipment (having exceeded industry accepted lifespans. This means that spares and manufacturer support was no longer available and major issues / real problems had to be addressed, and would compound further when faults start occurring and replacement parts and specific equipment knowledge is required. Accordingly, in 2020, Council engaged a specialist Consultant to undertake design development for the proposed renewal of these facilities.

The delivery of the renewal project is proposed to be executed as two distinct packages:

  • Package 1: Burrier Water Pumping Station (WPS) – HV Substation Renewal. 
  • Package 2: Brundee & Burrier Water Pumping Station (WPS) – Major Electrical Upgrades.

August - December 2022 Update:

  • Package 1 Burrier Water Pumping Station (WPS) – HV Substation Renewal: Equipment for construction of works has arrived at site with installation to be completed early 2023.
  • Package 2 Brundee and Burrier Water Pumping Station (WPS)
    • Major Electrical Upgrades: Works have previously been awarded with long lead time equipment orders now all placed. Equipment for both Burrier and Brundee are anticipated to arrive early -mid 2023, with works at Brundee to commence upon arrival and works at Burrier to commence post completion of Stage 1 works. The overall completion date for the package 2 works is anticipated to be mid 2023.