Bendeela & Cambewarra Reservoirs and Kangaroo Valley Storage Tanks

The Kangaroo Valley Storage Tanks and Bendeela Reservoir projects were successful in receiving Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Funding (BLERF), as part of the NSW Governments initiative to support job retention and creation in bushfire impacted regions, strengthen community resilience and reduce the impact of future natural disasters.

A photo of a water storage tank with a painted mural of Australian native plants and animals

About the project

A total of $990,000.00 in funding has been provided as part of the BLER towards this project. As part of the construction of the Kangaroo Valley storage tanks and Bendeela reservoir, the Cambewarra reservoir project was also nominated to be delivered alongside the other works.

Storage Tanks
This work will increase the water supply though the provision of two static water tanks located in the Kangaroo Valley. These will be used by the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and NSW Fire and Rescue Services in times of need. The works will commence in the vicinity of 5 Moss Vale Road (Kangaroo Valley Holiday Haven) and 169 Moss Vale Road (council land adjacent to Kangaroo Valley Showground).

June 2023 Update:

  • One 30,000L storage tank, completed
  • One 105,000L storage tank, completed

Bendeela Reservoir
The current reservoir servicing the Bendeela area has been identified to have minor issues that affect the delivery of water to users. When the reservoir is emptied for inspection or maintenance, the township is fully reliant on the continual operation of the water treatment plant (WTP). A reservoir of such small capacity (0.1 Megalitre (ML)) does not provide adequate support to the supply of water to the area in times of peak flow, particularly holiday periods. As such, the construction of a new 0.5 ML concrete reservoir is proposed to be created to assist in the supply of water to the Kangaroo Valley region.

October 2023 Update:

  • Reservoir completed, minor works progressing around the site

Cambewarra Reservoir
The construction of a 3.5 ML reservoir is desired as part of the overall water supply strategy for the new Moss Vale Road urban release areas to meet future water supply requirements. The Moss Vale Road Urban Release Area water supply is proposed to be delivered as part of 4 distinct packages, with this package being Package 4: New water reservoir.

October 2023 Update:
  • Reservoir under construction, completion expected by January 2024.