Access Areas for Dogs Policy

Child running along empty beach behind dog
  • Project StatusIn progress
  • Completion Date25 December 2020

The Access Areas for Dogs Policy was originally adopted by Council in 2005 after a significant increase in use of the public domain, particularly parks and foreshore areas (beaches, lakes and the like) for off-leash dog activity. As a consequence, Council developed a position in relation to locations considered appropriate or not appropriate for off-leash dog activity.

The Policy provides dog owners with public domain conduct guidelines and defines off-leash, on-leash and prohibited dogs areas for land and assets within the ownership, management, care and control of Council.

In 2018, Council received various submissions for additional off-leash dog areas. This instigated the need to undertake a broader review of the Policy. The objective was to review the existing Policy in consultation with internal and external stakeholders. Additionally, the review aimed to:

  • Assess the operation and appropriateness of existing off-leash and prohibited dog areas
  • Consider locations for new off-leash dog areas, and
  • Consider establishing a process for off-leash dog areas including site criteria and fencing arrangements

A key outcome of the project would have been a revised Access Areas for Dogs Policy and Dog Off-Leash Guide.

On 11 June 2019, Council resolved not to proceed with the review, and instead consult with the community providing additional off leash areas on a case by case basis.