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What is strategic planning

Council's Strategic Planning team undertake a range of projects relating to the management of land release, strategic planning, redevelopment of established areas, rezonings and the formulation of Local Environmental Plans, Development Control Plans and Developer Contributions Plans.

The team also monitors population growth and identifies appropriate controls to manage the impacts of development in the Shoalhaven local government area.

The team is also responsible for assisting Council in the preparation and review of strategic land use plans and policies designed to manage development and preserve the character of Shoalhaven.

Note: As of 22 April 2014 any reference in documents to Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 1985 (SLEP 1985), draft Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 2009 (draft Shoalhaven LEP2009) or draft Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 2013 (draft Shoalhaven LEP2013) should be taken to read Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan 2014.

Further information

Planning legislation
Legislative planning information under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979

Local environmental plan
The current Local Environmental Plans

Planning proposals
Planning Proposal guidelines and information along with links to plans that have been made.

Development control plans
The current development control plans

Shoalhaven contributions plan
The purpose of Contributions Plans are to part or fully fund the cost of providing community infrastructure by way of a levy on new (future) development. Contributions are normally levied at either subdivision or building approval

Planning agreement
Planning Agreement with other parties.

Strategy plans
Structure plans, settlement strategies, master plans and strategies

Heritage information
Heritage listings, studies, databases, incentives, instruments & policies, conservation management plans & heritage links

Paper subdivisions & other legacy planning projects
Status of legacy planning projects including the Heritage Estates, Nebraska Estate, Verons Estate, Jerberra Estate, Goodland Road, and the Woollamia/Falls Creek Rural Residential Deferred Areas.

General planning information
General planning information including brochures, guidelines, handouts and reports

Planning for HMAS albatross
Strategic planning controls, and information to ensure that the community is aware of the Air Station and its operations.

Planning register
Register of Council planning documents including local environmental plans, development control plans, section 94 contributions plans, Shoalhaven planning policies and Strategy plans.

Public exhibition
Strategic planning documents or material that is on exhibition and available for public viewing and comment

Section 10.7 certificates
General s10.7 certificate information including, fees, online application and hard copy application form.

Dwelling entitlement potential search
A dwelling entitlement potential search is undertaken on lots or land holdings in certain rural, residential and environment protection zones.

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