Local artist to bring Council’s inaugural RAP to life

Published on 26 June 2024


Local Aboriginal visual artist Jaz Corr will bring her artistic vision to life as part of Shoalhaven City Council’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). 

Council is continuing its reconciliation journey using the foundational level ‘reflect’ RAP that helps prepare the business to engage in reconciliation meaningfully.  

Artwork will play a key role in providing opportunities for the community to get involved and provide visual symbolism unique to the Shoalhaven. 

Mayor Amanda Findley said this was a fantastic project that would drive the artistic process through community workshops and communal painting.  

“We want to celebrate and recognise the beginning of Council’s Reconciliation journey through original artwork and delight in the visual theme of the RAP,” Cr Findley said. 

“A talented teacher and artist, we’re very excited to have Jaz produce this artwork hand-in-hand with the community,” she said. 

Jaz Corr is a proud Dharawal woman and has extensive experience delivering Aboriginal art and culture workshops. Her submission titled Woven, will comprise recycled, heavy-duty cardboard and a range of paints and speaks to ongoing mending and woven histories. 

“Woven is a communal painting that serves as a powerful symbol of Aboriginal identity and connection to Yuin Country,” Jaz said. 

“Through motifs and shapes intricately woven within a grid-like structure, this artwork will communicate a profound visual language that speaks to the continuous process of revitalising and preserving our shared histories,” she said. 

“The rich earth pigments used in Woven represent interconnectedness of land, sea and sky, reflecting the deep connection to the natural environment that is central to Aboriginal culture.” 

As part of the collaborative process, Jaz will be hosting sessions across the Shoalhaven for the community to get involved. Sessions are in the winter school holidays at the following times: 

  • Wednesday 10 July, 10 am - 12 pm at the Shoalhaven Regional Gallery in Nowra.  
  • Saturday 13 July, 10 am – 3 pm, at the Ulladulla Civic Centre as part of NAIDOC Day celebrations. 

The finished artwork will go into Council’s art collection, with photography of the artwork and its design elements used throughout the RAP. 

Examples of Jaz’s artwork can be seen on her website

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