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Water and Sewerage Services

Proudly part of Shoalhaven City Council, Shoalhaven Water manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water in the Shoalhaven City. Shoalhaven Water is also responsible for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater (treated sewage) safely back into the environment.

For any water or sewerage related problem, or to report leaks contact Shoalhaven Water directly.

Shoalhaven Water offers a range of useful information including the links below which take you directly to the Shoalhaven Water website. 

Effluent Pumpout Services

Effluent pumpout and septic tank information

If your septic system is full or at risk of overflowing you may require an emergency pumpout. Upon application, this service will be performed within 24 hours - please note additional fees apply

  • Phone: (02) 4429 3214

Your Home 

Below are some useful links to assist you in understanding your water account

  • Rebates and Offers - includes information on Pensioner Rebates and Rainwater Tank Rebates
  • General Information - includes information on water quality, your water meter, and sewerage related issues

Your Business

In this section you will find information relating to a range of useful resources for your business including:

  • Downsizing your Water Meter - includes information for business customers who may wish to downsize, disconnect or determine a nominal size of a water meter connection because of fire services or low water pressure flows

Building & Development

Whether you are planning a small home extension or a large residential or commercial development, water and sewer service experts are here to help

  • Building & Renovating - includes information on development applications, building over or near sewers, demolition information, and dial before you dig
  • Water & Sewer Connections - includes information relating to connections and disconnections, sewer diagrams, and fire services
  • Plans & Specifications - includes Development Servicing Plans for Water Supply and Sewerage Services, Shoalhaven Water Supplement to the WSAA Water Supply and Sewer Code, and the Survey Plan Preparation and Work as Executed


As well as providing water and sewer services across the region, Shoalhaven Water is also involved in other initiatives including:

  • Saving Water - provides information on saving water in and around your home

About Shoalhaven Water

Over 96,000 people rely on Shoalhaven Water to maintain a clean, regular water supply and an efficient waste water service.

  • Our Systems & Operations - provides information on water and wastewater treatment plants, communication towers, and quality control
  • Water Quality Monitoring - provides detailed analysis undertaken in accordance with the Australian Water Drinking Guidelines
  • Major Projects - includes up-to-date information on all of the projects currently being undertaken including our award winning Reclaimed Water Management Scheme and the Porters Creek Dam Remediation Project

Contact Shoalhaven Water

For all contact details please visit our website www.shoalwater.nsw.gov.au

Register here if you would like to receive Electronic Water Accounts

Water for Life

By using our water more efficiently, it means that we can save our drinking water for drinking.
Further to this:
  • Our network is made up of 2751km of water and sewer mains
  • Reclaimed water supplies local sports grounds and farms
  • 45 million litres of high quality drinking water is supplied to the Shoalhaven each day
  • Major upgrades to our dams and treatment plants are currently underway

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