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Animal shelter and pound

The Shoalhaven Animal Shelter (Pound) is run by Council.

Surrendering an animal

If you can no longer look after your pet you can contact the Animal Shelter who will provide you with advice and options.

Lost & found animals

If you find an unattended dog, or a lost cat, you can take it to a vet or the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter where it will be scanned for a microchip to get the owner's contact details. Alternatively, contact Council and an Animal Management Officer will attend and scan the animal.

If your dog or cat is lost, you must report it to Council. You should also confirm your contact details.

If the animal has been taken to the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter, there will be a cost when you collect it, and this amount will increase the longer the animal has been in care. Before a lost pet is returned to the owner, it must be microchipped and lifetime registered under the NSW Companion Animals Act, even if the animal would normally be exempt from registration such as a working dog or a cat or dog under the age of six months.

Animals that are not microchipped will be held by the Animal Shelter for seven days. Microchipped animals will be held for 14 days. After that time, the animal will be considered for re-homing.


If you are considering getting a new pet, contact the Animal Shelter for details of the animals looking for a new home.

Location of Shoalhaven Animal Shelter

19 Nowra Hill Road (off BTU Road), Nowra Hill.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday (7 days per week) 9am to 4pm
Public Holidays - 9am to 11am


Shoalhaven Animal Shelter
Phone: (02) 4429 3410

Phone: (02) 4429 3433

Council After Hours
Phone: (02) 4421 3100

Animal Welfare
Phone: 0429 429 885

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