Endangered Ecological Communities

Endangered Ecological Communities

An ecological community is an assemblage of species that can include flora, fauna and other living organisms that occur together in a particular area.  They are generally recognised by the trees, shrubs and groundcover plants that live there. 

An Endangered Ecological Community (EEC) is an ecological community listed as facing a very high risk of extinction, they are protected in NSW under the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995(TSC Act).

The Shoalhaven local government area has sixteen EECs, eleven of which have been identified on Council Managed Land during extensive mapping and groundtruthing projects throughout 2007 – 2010.  

The results from these projects have been compiled into one document Endangered Ecological Community Mapping 2010 (New Window PDF 12Mb)

Council supports Parkcare and Bushcare programs that provide opportunities for members of the community to participate in the maintenance, repair, protection and enhancement of reserves.  The EEC mapping provides guidance to staff and volunteers when developing and implementing work plans.

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