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Biological diversity is the variety of all life forms, the different plants, animals and microorganisms, the genes they contain, and the ecosystems in which they live and form a part.  The conservation of biological diversity is therefore not simply the protection of individual threatened plant or animal species, but requires the protection of whole ecosystems.

Biodiversity Assessment and Threatened species
Issues you may need to consider when developing in the region.

Known threatened species in the Shoalhaven
Threatened fauna
Threatened flora

Shore bird recovery
Find out more about protection and recovery of selected shore birds.

Find out more about biodiversity in the state of the environment.

Endangered Ecological Communities
An ecological community is an assemblage of species that can include flora, fauna and other living organisms that occur together in a particular area. They are generally recognised by the trees, shrubs and groundcover plants that live there.

Threatened Species Impact Assessment in the Shoalhaven
 Advisory information to chapter G5 section 6.2 threatened species impact assessment of Shoalhaven Development Control Plan 2014.

Osprey cam

Shoalhaven City Council operate a number of communication towers throughout the city and ospreys find these towers an excellent vantage point, sometimes nesting on them. In order to ensure the safety of the ospreys and the technicians working on the towers, baskets have been provided for the birds to nest in away from antennas and other equipment. One tower in Ulladulla has been fitted with a webcam, providing real-time pictures of one of the baskets and any visiting birds.

Below is the current view from the webcam at Ulladulla. Further down the page are some photos of the osprey.

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