Warrah Road, Bangalee - Planning Proposal

Shoalhaven City Council sought community feedback on a proponent-initiated Planning Proposal (PP005) to resolve the long-term development potential of land at Warrah Road, Bangalee.


About the project

The land comprises part of the ‘Crams Road Urban Investigation Area’ (CRIA) identified in the Nowra-Bomaderry Structure Plan. The land was ‘deferred’ from Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014 and is currently zoned Rural 1(d) (General) under Shoalhaven LEP 1985. It is proposed to rezone the land to a mix of zones C2 - Environmental Conservation, RU2 - Rural Landscape, R5 – Large Lot Residential, and R2 - Low-Density Residential.

Council is also exhibitied, on behalf of the proponent, an application for Biodiversity Certification and associated Biodiversity Assessment Report (BCAR). Biodiversity certification allows the biodiversity impacts of a proposal to be more strategically considered. Land that is certified under this process can be developed without further assessment/s at the development application stage, subject to securing any required offset measures.

To find out more, visit the Warrah Road, Bangalee - Planning Proposal Get Involved webpage.