Trunk Main 20 Lake Conjola Water Main

Shoalhaven City Council has identified that the existing Lake Conjola water main is now reaching its end of life and requires renewal.


About the project

The proposed renewal will be undertaken as part of Shoalhaven Waters capital works budget, with the section of the main to be renewed extending along the Lake Conjola Entrance Road (between the Lake Conjola Holiday Haven Park to the East and 213 Lake Conjola Entrance Road to the West).

The renewal includes the replacement of approximately 2km of the existing 300 PVC main with a new 450mm HDPE main.

Prior to the construction of the replacement water main, Council undertook the following key environmental investigations:

  • Water Main Replacement Lake Conjola Review of Environmental Factors 27 June 2018
  • Addendum Review of Environmental Factors Water Main Replacement Lake Conjola 17 October 2019

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