Shoalhaven Community Wellbeing

Wellbeing is the ability to thrive, to which all should have equitable access. Community wellbeing is a shared responsibility that requires all community stakeholders to work collaboratively to achieve shared goals and aspirations for wellbeing.

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  • Project StatusCompleted
  • Last reviewed 22 July 2024

About the project

The Shoalhaven Community Wellbeing Plan is a framework to guide Council in making decisions about business and service planning to improve community wellbeing. It provides a tool for Council to evaluate the importance and effectiveness of our investments, programs, and assets in achieving wellbeing outcomes and to plan evidence-informed work in response.

The Shoalhaven Community Wellbeing Plan has three components:

  • The Shoalhaven Community Wellbeing Strategy identifies the strategic priorities for Council to improve community wellbeing.
  • The Action Plan identifies specific actions that will be used to achieve the outcomes identified for each strategic priority in the Strategy.
  • The Evaluation Framework allows Council to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of our work in terms of impact on wellbeing indicators.

At the Ordinary Meeting on 10 October 2022, Council resolved to adopt the Shoalhaven Community Wellbeing Strategy.