Proposed Raised Crossing - Victoria Street, Berry

Council is proposing to upgrade the children’s crossing that is on the existing road level, only activated by marshals at the start and finish of school hours, to a raised pedestrian (zebra) crossing funding under the NSW Government’s Road Safety Program / School Infrastructure Projects.

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The latest

11/4/2023 - Construction of the raised threshold has been complete. Adjustments to the lighting in the area will be carried out by ARA Electrical on 30 May 2023.

About the project

The existing children's crossing is located directly opposite the Berry Public School and is a well-utilised crossing point during peak morning and afternoon school hours. Victoria Street also serves as a highly trafficked thoroughfare, both during and outside of school peak hours.

The proposed raised pedestrian (zebra) crossing will:

  • provide pedestrians with the right of way at all times
  • reinforce safer speeds and driver behaviour due to the crossing's raised component
  • require signage and line-marking changes.

For more information, visit the Proposed Raised Crossing - Victoria Street, Berry Get Involved webpage.