Design Services – Mains Program

Shoalhaven Water has developed a list of mains which have been identified as susceptible to breakage and/or reaching end of life.

  • Project StatusCompleted
  • Last reviewed 28 June 2024

About the project

Shoalhaven Water previously engaged a qualified consultant to provide design services, with the following construction works to be delivered via a combination of Council's Shoalhaven Water own construction teams and external contractors.

In consultation with Shoalhaven Water’s Operations Group, the list of identified mains were prioritised based on main criticality, class, size, breakage history and location.

Through renewal, upgrade and/or replacement of these mains, Council can expect a reduction in water main breakages, improved pressure to residents/hydrant operation during fires and a more robust water distribution system.

The final prioritised list of mains identified have been summarised in the following document.

Review of Environmental Factors (REF) Reports have been prepared for this project, and exhibited as follows:

  • Package 1 REF exhibited October 2022
  • Packages 2 & 3 REF exhibited September-October 2023