Fees Waived Temporarily for Alfresco Dining

Two men enjoying fish and chips outdoors sitting at table
  • Project StatusCompleted
  • Completion Date30 June 2022

Shoalhaven City Council will support local food, beverage, entertainment, arts and cultural businesses to temporarily expand their footprint to new outdoor spaces giving customers more opportunities to dine outdoors as part of the NSW Government’s Alfresco Restart Package. 

At the Ordinary Meeting held in November 2021, Council endorsed the roll out of a local package which will see fees waived temporarily for businesses across the region to expand outdoor dining opportunities.

Shoalhaven businesses will still need to apply for a permit but will not be charged the fee for an extension on footpaths until 30 June 2022.  Permits will also be available for outdoor dining in certain parks and outdoor spaces until 18 April 2022.

This will provide businesses with the opportunity to trial a new outdoor dining area before applying for a longer-term permit. This same fee waiver and process is in place for merchandising displays and A-board signage within the council footpath area.

Applications will need to provide a layout plan and comply with the State Government and Council guidelines. Businesses may also need to apply to change their liquor licence with Liquor and Gaming NSW.

Find more information here:

NSW Planning Alfresco Restart Package

Consider when applying

  • Proposals shall be located toward the curbside of the footpath where possible
  • Compliance with Continuous Accessible Path of Travel (see image below)
  • Not to be located adjacent to carparking for people with disabilities
  • Infrastructure must be waterproof, weatherproof, and durable
  • Infrastructure needs to be temporary and removed when not being used
  • Outdoor tables should be consistent with size of the space occupied
  • Any shade structures should be firmly anchored
  • Footpath and public land should not be used for storage
  • Should not intrude on other users of the public space
  • Parks and reserves where outdoor dining could occur or expand: Should be located in a town centre or adjacent to an existing business activity. Restrictions apply in some spaces commercial activities, alcoholfree zones etc.

Compliance with Continuous Accessible Path of Travel.png

Further details

  • Businesses may utilise adjoining shop owners’ space if there is written permission from those owners
  • If you’ve identified land not covered by the above, Council is open to considering these ideas, please contact the Property Team
  • This application and fee waiver also covers commercial use of a public space for the use of merchandising displays and A-board signage on footpaths

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