Celebrating World Wetlands Day!

Published on 01 February 2023

World Wetlands Day (1).png

Celebrated each year on 2 February wetlands are considered one of the most important and productive ecosystems in the world.

They support diverse ecological communities and are a haven for native animals, including migratory, rare, or threatened species. Wetlands also provide a vital link to the global carbon cycle and are great sinks for carbon dioxide.

Natural wetlands can be both freshwater and saltwater ecosystems, and can include swamps, lakes, mangroves, and saltmarsh. These wetlands play an important role in the water cycle by improving water quality and recharging underground aquifers, support fisheries and can reduce the risk of flooding and coastal risks by providing a natural barrier from storm damage.

Visit Council’s website to find how natural wetlands are managed and how new wetlands can be created through our Coastal Management Programs

For more information on the United Nations International Day of World Wetlands.






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