Sort and Save at Council Waste and Recycling Depots

Published on 02 September 2020


Image: Wombat finding a treasure at a Council Buy Back Centre

Did you know that Shoalhaven City Council Recycling and Waste Depots accept a range of recyclable items at no charge?

By planning ahead and taking the time to sort through your items before visiting a Council Recycling and Waste Depot, users can save money and help the environment by reducing unnecessary waste going into landfill.

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor Amanda Findley was keen for residents to get behind the ‘Sort and Save’ movement.

“Sorting your waste saves money and makes environmental and social sense. Quite often, when you’re undertaking significant and costly life events such as moving house or renovating, recycling items may not be at the forefront of your mind; however by taking the time to sort and save, your actions can have a big impact on our local environment, as well as your purse strings.

“When moving house, try to plan ahead. There may be items you do not want to take with you that can be recycled for free, including electronic items, scrap metals and gas bottles. Take these along to the Depot and recycle these items free of charge.

“If you are left with a lot of cardboard boxes after a move, you can also take them along to one of our Depots and recycle for free.

“Renovating at home can be a very expensive undertaking and can result in a lot of unwanted waste. Plan ahead and gather your paint, smoke detectors, fluorescent globes as well as polystyrene and recycle them for free at your local depot.

“If household items are in good working condition and considered worthy of re-sale at our buyback centres by onsite staff, you can dispose of your items for free, whilst giving the item another lease on life.” Mayor Findley said.

Examples of items that may be accepted include furniture, sporting equipment, toys, window frames, doors, tiles, bric-a-brac and BBQs.

“An additional tip to make the sort and save process smoother, is to ensure that your recyclable items are the last items to be loaded before taking a trip to the depot. This will make it much easier for staff to spot the recyclable materials and will ensure you don’t get charged unnecessarily,” Mayor Findley said.

Recyclable disposal areas at each Recycling and Waste Depot are located close to the entrance at each facility, making it easier for you when unloading.

Household Waste Disposal Vouchers can be used at all Council Recycling and Waste Depots. For more information, visit our Recycling and Waste Depots page.

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