Slow Down as School Returns

Published on 02 February 2022

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With students returning to school this week, please remember to take extra care in school zones and on our roads.

Here are some safety tips for travelling to and from school:

  • Remember the school zone 40 km/h speed limit and look out for any children that may be about.
  • Park safely and legally, even if it means you must walk further to the school.
  • Be aware of pedestrians on or near road crossings.
  • Drop your children off and pick them up on the school side of the road in the designated school drop - off and pick- up area.

It’s safest for children to get out of the car through the Safety Door, away from passing traffic. This is the rear footpath side door of the car.

Watch for flashing lights on buses. This is to let you know that children may be crossing, or about to cross, the road. A 40 km/h limit applies when school bus lights flash.

Shoalhaven City Council urges people to be extra diligent on our roads as children return to school. The message is simple, please obey the speed limit and be on high alert. Unfortunately, children can sometimes be unpredictable around roads.

Whether you’re the driver, passenger or another road user, every decision you make on the road matters.

Speed Adviser is a driver’s safety app designed to reduce speeding and save lives. It lets you know what the speed limit is wherever you are.

This free smartphone app was created by the Centre for Road Safety and has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

To find out more about Speed Adviser, visit:

For more information on keeping our kids safe around schools, visit:


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