River Height - Shoalhaven Heads

Published on 23 March 2021

Flood Warning Minor.jpg

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) have a Flood Watch in place for Minor Flooding for the Shoalhaven River.

A survey of the berm height at Shoalhaven Heads approximately 10 days ago, identified a height of 0.8 m AHD (0.8 metres above sea level). The prevailing north-easterly winds and surf conditions has caused a build up of sand in the entrance which has increased the berm height to approximately 1.7 m AHD.

This height is still below the trigger level of 2.0 m AHD which would require an intervention by Shoalhaven City Council.

Council is currently using machinery to reduce the berm height to allow additional leeway and allow the entrance to open naturally, should the floodwater coming down the Shoalhaven River continue to rise throughout this afternoon and into the evening.

The water level in the Shoalhaven River is currently increasing and peak flows may coincide with the next high tide at 5.48pm today or on Wednesday 24 March at 5.40am.

Phil Costello, Director, City Development said “Council’s action to reduce the berm height will allow the Shoalhaven Heads entrance to open naturally if required. Council will not be opening the entrance, as the trigger height of 2.0 metres is not currently predicted to be reached.”