NSW Resilience Disaster Dashboard for the Shoalhaven

Published on 24 September 2021


Residents and visitors to Shoalhaven will now be able to access timely and authoritative information on local conditions with the launch of NSW Resilience Disaster Dashboard of the Shoalhaven.  

Shoalhaven City Council has made the new disaster dashboard available from its website. 

The Disaster Dashboard provides information on COVID-19 case numbers (last 30 days), fire and flood incidents, SES NSW advice, road conditions and power outages to name a few.  

Members of the community can access the disaster dashboard anytime of the day using their mobile, tablet or desktop device.  

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor Amanda Findley said this new source of central information will provide the Shoalhaven community with a reliable and authoritative source of situational awareness and timely information to help them assess, think, decide and act during business as usual through to potential emergency situations as they begin to unfold.  

"The Shoalhaven has seen its fair share of natural disasters over the past couple of years whether it be bushfires, floods or COVID-19. It’s clear our community needs access to timely information in order to better respond during a time of crisis”, Clr Findley said.  

“Council is pleased to launch the new disaster dashboard to the community. The dashboard uses state-of-the-art technology to collate and display live information from multiple combat agencies such as Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Services and NSW Health”, Clr Findley said.  

“During a natural disaster time is precious and having one place to go to find the latest information in your local area is critical to making informed decisions about how to prepare and protect yourself and your loved ones”, Clr Findley said.

You can view the Shoalhaven City Council Disaster Dashboard.