Council renews its pledge towards a sustainable future

Published on 25 August 2020

Solar PV System Nowra Library.jpg

Shoalhaven City Council has advanced with its plans to reduce carbon emissions and transition away from fossil fuels, making five new pledges as part of its Cities Powers Partnership (CPP) to employ sustainable energy solutions for the future.  

 The CPP is Australia’s largest network of towns and cities tackling climate change head on, with Council's recent pledges solidifying its commitment to energy and emissions reduction over coming years.   

Shoalhaven Mayor Amanda Findley was thrilled to see Council taking further steps towards environmental sustainability through the Partnership.   

“Since becoming a part of the CPP in 2017, Council has found new ways to innovate and reduce energy expenditure and emissions. One of the benefits of the partnership is understanding what other local government areas are doing to reduce their carbon pollution, reduce costs and become more sustainable in the long run. By sharing mutual expertise and learnings, all LGA’s involved in the Partnership save time, money and don’t need to reinvent the wheel.”    

“Ground-mounted and rooftop solar power systems totaling 260 kilowatts have recently been installed or commenced at a number of Council assets, including five water/wastewater treatment plants, Nowra Library and Bomaderry Works Depot.  

“Energy efficient LED lights have replaced traditional lighting at Nowra Library under Council’s Revolving Energy Fund. The lighting upgrade makes environmental and economic sense, with the new lights generating electricity cost savings which will cover the light replacement cost in under 3 years, by making the most of the existing State Government Energy Savings Scheme rebates” said Clr Findley.  

In addition to these recent improvements, Council now has an approved Sustainable Energy Strategy. The strategy identifies key priorities for Council to implement over the next five years to achieve its energy and emissions reduction targets as set out in the adopted Sustainable Energy Policy.  

Initiatives recommended in the Strategy include completing the upgrade of all Shoalhaven residential streetlights to energy savings LEDs; undertaking LED lighting and energy efficiency upgrades of Council assets; installation of solar PV panels on Council assets for ‘behind the meter’ benefits; as well as entering into renewable Power Purchase Agreements to source clean energy for Council’s operations.