Clarification - Willinga Park (Bawley Point) Planning Proposal

Published on 27 July 2021


Council has received and is reviewing a Planning Proposal request specifically for the Willinga Park Equestrian Centre at Forster Drive, Bawley Point. The request seeks to change planning provisions for the subject site to enable a wider range of events to be held at the property. The request was lodged on behalf of the landowner and is at the preliminary assessment stage.

Please note: The request only applies to the Willinga Park site and only seeks site-specific planning provisions. It. does not propose to change planning controls applying to other zones or areas in the City.  

The request seeks to make ‘function centres’ permissible at Willinga Park, subject to development approval and also to allow functions with less than 351 attendees to be carried out as exempt development. Exempt development allows certain low-impact development to occur without approval from Council. 

The request is currently in the initial assessment phase, and it will be reported to the Council in due course for consideration to enable a decision to be made on whether it can proceed into the formal Planning Proposal process. Nearby residents and the broader community can provide early comments on the request in accordance with Councils Planning Proposal Guidelines until Friday 6 August 2021.   

The proponent’s Planning Proposal request is available on Council’s website (by scrolling down).