Shoalhaven Arts Board


  • To contribute to and develop strategy and policy both for the Shoalhaven City Council as well as in alignment with the Region.
  • To develop and implement policy, planning and vision for the broad arts within existing resources and use a co-opted panel of peers for professional advice. They include:
    • Visual Arts
    • Heritage and Museum Sector
    • Literature
    • Performing Arts
  • Advocate and maintain specific arts related portfolios.
  • Advocate and promote Board recommendations.  

Delegated Authority

  • Act within adopted budgets aligning with Council’s strategic plans and document, and make recommendations on the arts to Council
  • Appoint suitable representatives to fill casual vacancies on a set term basis
  • Inform and recommend policy for arts related funding programs, and where required by Council, vote on related matters
  • Establish a peer panel of professionals, experts and practitioners across art forms, heritage and cultural platforms to be co-opted as needed for input and advice to the Shoalhaven Arts Board

Relevant staff will work collaboratively with the Shoalhaven Arts Board to:

  • Develop and implement activities to achieve objectives in line with the Shoalhaven Arts Board recommendations, the Council’s policies and corporate plan


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