Aboriginal Advisory Committee (AAC)

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Do you want to provide advice, direction and recommendations to Council on projects, programs, policies and initiatives relevant to Aboriginal people of the Shoalhaven area? Are you passionate about increasing knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal society, history and culture in the Shoalhaven? Are you interested in taking action to make a real difference for your community?

Applications are now open to join. To apply:

  1. Complete the application form
  2. Email to council@shoalhaven.nsw.gov.au

For more information please read the Terms of Reference.

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To provide appropriate and considered advice to Council on all relevant issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the Shoalhaven LGA, and to influence Council’s support & intent in achieving their objectives for the current Statement of Commitment 2010 (SoC) and the Shoalhaven City Council Community Strategic Plan 2023 (SCCSP).


  • To advise Shoalhaven City Council on necessary issues relating to Aboriginal communities in the LGA
  • Promote and increase knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal society, history and culture in the LGA
  • Facilitate access and accessibility to services and facilities for Aboriginal people
  • Advise on the development and implementation of the Shoalhaven City Council Community Strategic Plan
  • Develop strong collaborative partnerships between Aboriginal communities and Shoalhaven City Council
  • Maintain strong links between Council and Aboriginal communities throughout the Shoalhaven to accomplish the relationships and outcomes required for genuine reconciliation
  • Foster and safeguard a spirit of mutual trust and respect which allows the AAC and Shoalhaven City Council to work together in their commitment towards intelligent, well informed decision making processes that are sensitive to all Aboriginal issues
  • Recognise, support and uphold past and present local cultural heritage and its place in future Council directions
  • Remain a meaningful ‘place’ for the communication of messages and information from Aboriginal community voices that identify local needs for services, facilities and activities
  • Support and promote significant celebrations and events within the Shoalhaven Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community