Milton Showground

Milton Showground

Milton Showground, 107 Croobyar Road, Milton is an agricultural showground in the historic village of Milton.

Venue offers:

  • main arena
  • Southern Basketball Stadium
  • Northern Basketball Stadium
  • foyer room
  • kitchen
  • outdoor dining area
  • dog agility park
  • croquet courts and club hall
  • community information hub

Suitable for:

  • agricultural events
  • sporting events
  • concerts
  • festivals
  • markets

Bookable spaces:

Historical acknowledgements

  • Milton Showground was established circa 1886.

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Operating hours

7 days a week 8:00am –11:45pm

Annual closures

Milton Showground hosts the Milton Show on the first weekend of March every year.


  • Main arena
  • Accessible amenities
  • Livestock yards and pavilions
  • Kitchen and servery
  • Outdoor dining area

Community Information Hub screens

  • Foyer Room: Interior wall and exterior wall

Fees and charges

For showground and main arena fees and charges, please contact:

Bookable spaces


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