Callala Beach Community Centre

The view of the Callala Beach Community Centre from the footpath. There is a concrete walkway leading up to the building, and a fenced-in courtyard at the front. A tennis court can be seen in the background.

Callala Beach Community Centre, 89a Quay Road, Callala Beach is located on the beachfront overlooking Callala Beach.

Venue offers:

  • main hall with stage
  • courtyard with portico (front)
  • covered verandah (rear)
  • kitchen
  • community information hub
  • tennis court 

Suitable for:

  • weddings
  • events
  • community groups
  • recreation activities
  • meetings

Tennis court must be booked separately, see related links.

Historical acknowledgement

  • The unique mural adorning the main entrance wall displays 400 handmade ceramic pieces by the local community. Their combined creative effort illustrates a narrative of life at Callala Beach and Jervis Bay. Callala Beach artist, Jill Talbot, coordinated the project to completion over two years circa 2009.

Floor plan and photo gallery

Operating hours

7 days a week 8:00 am – 11:45 pm

Annual closures




  • Main hall: Timber
  • Kitchen: Ceramic Tile
  • Courtyard: Lawn
  • Portico: Cement

Heating and cooling

  • Main hall: 4 air-conditioners and 6 ceiling fans
  • Kitchen: 1 wall fan


  • Large TV/Display screen - fixed
  • PA system - Bluetooth connectivity
  • 2 microphones - cordless
  • No Wi-Fi


  • 20 Trestle tables


  • 125 Chairs


  • 1 Refrigerator
  • 4 burner electric oven
  • Zip hot water/hydro tap
  • Onsite bins available

Crockery and cutlery

  • Full place setting: approx. 100


  • Cleaning cupboard in foyer

Community Information Hub screens

  • Exterior wall
  • Interior wall

Fees and charges

2023/2024 Guidelines - Village hall

Callala Beach Community Centre

Fee name
Bond Cover cleaning and any potential damages N/A to $5300 max - Determined by Booking type
Refundable post Booking
Key Issue of a replacement key or an additional key $53 per key
Community Casual Hire
(Under 50 ppl)
Min 2-hour hire $18 per hour
$122 per day
Community Regular Hire
10 or more Bookings
(Under 50 ppl)
Min 2-hour hire $12 per hour
$82 per day
Commercial Casual Hire
(Under 50 ppl)
Min 2-hour hire $24 per hour
$163 per day
Commercial Regular Hire
(Under 50 ppl)
Min 2-hour hire

$18 per hour
$122 per day

Private Function Hire
(Over 50 ppl)
Category - Large Heritage Hall

Min 2-hour hire
$77 per hour
$536 per day


89a Quay Road, Callala Beach  2540  View Map

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