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Cleaning Residential Solar Panels Under Water Restrictions

Shoalhaven City Council is currently under Level 1 Water Restrictions with residents being encouraged to make every drop count.

Under the restrictions the hosing down of hard surfaces is banned and an individual can receive a penalty notice.  However, considering the current situation with the fires Shoalhaven Water is temporarily relaxing this requirement to permit pressure washing of solar panels to ensure they remain operational.

Acting Director of Shoalhaven Water Robert Horner noted that Shoalhaven Water has received a number of requests asking if residents can clean their solar panels, following the ash fallout.

“We’ve had reports of Solar Panels not working due to the caking of ash over them, particularly in areas that have received light rainfall.”

“Solar Panels are usually considered a hard surface, however, due to the current situation we are experiencing we have decided to allow residents to clean their solar panels, using a pressure washer for the time being.” Robert Horner said.

“Though I would like to remind residents this does not permit any other hard surface to be hosed down, such as driveways or walls, and all other restrictions imposed by Level 1 should be adhered to.” Mr Horner said.

“Other relaxations may be considered as part of the clean-up process when this emergency situation has passed.”

The special consideration will only be in effect for a short period and residents are reminded to still be water conscious whilst cleaning their panels.

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  • Cleaning Residential Solar Panels Under Water Restrictions

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