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Waste Processing Facility - Resource Recovery Park

Flatrock Road West Nowra (Mundamia)

Council resolved in 26th March 2013 to move forward with the development of a waste processing and recovery facility (Resource Recovery Park) adjacent to the West Nowra Recycling and Waste Landfill Facility on Flatrock Road, at Mundamia. The proposed site is highlighted on the map in yellow.

Map of proposed location

An integral part of the development of the West Nowra site is engaging and communicating with the relevant stakeholders as the Resource Recovery Park (RRP) progresses through the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) stages. Various approvals have now been sought and granted and the EIS is now being prepared. As part of the EIS, Council is required to conduct a community engagement and information process.

Why Is Council Doing This?

Council is striving to become a best practice leader in the recovery of recyclable materials from the waste stream, and minimise the quantities of waste disposed to landfill by re-using and processing waste types that would normally end up being landfilled.

The immediate aim, supported by the Council Waste Strategy, is to:

  • to recover more material from the waste streams; and
  • to reduce the amount of waste material being landfilled.

The construction and operation of a resource recovery facility is key to achieving these aims. The facility will be located adjacent to the current West Nowra Recycling and Waste Depot at Mundamia. The construction of a material recovery facility at West Nowra will:

  • allow the management of waste as a resource;
  • deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to the community; and
  • contribute to sustainability, innovation and employment opportunities

Justification for the facility and its location is based on a number of factors and outcomes and is consistent with:

  • the strategic directions contained in the NSW Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy (WARR Strategy) 2013-21: Waste Less Recycle More;
  • the National Waste Policy : Less Waste , More Resources;
  • the zoning for the activity in the Shoalhaven City Council LEP 2014 SP2 Infrastructure (Waste and Resource Management facilities) Lot 342 DP 257515;
  • the State Environmental Planning Policy (State and Regional Development) 2011: Clause 23 Waste Management Facilities;
  • Shoalhaven City Council Community Strategic Plan 2023 and the Delivery and Operational Plan 2015/16; and
  • Shoalhaven City Council¡¦s Waste Strategy.

NSW Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy (WARRS) 2013-21: Waste Less Recycle More, includes a number of targets which inform and influence SCC's Waste Strategy. These targets relate specially to various waste streams and long term strategic directions.

Council Waste Strategy must consider certain objectives:

  • Avoiding and reducing waste generation
  • Increase recycling
  • Divert more waste from landfill
  • Manage problem waste better
  • Reduce litter
  • Combat illegal dumping

To obtain these specific objectives, targets are set and monitored from regular audit data provide by Council to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA NSW) and the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH NSW). The targets relate to recycling rates and diversion from landfill. The NSW Waste Strategy requires local government, by 2021-22, to increase recycling rates in the three waste streams; Municipal Waste from 52% (in 2010/11) to 70%; Commercial and Industrial Waste from 57% (in 2010/11) to 70%; Construction and Demolition Waste from 75% (in 2010/11) to 80%; and increase waste diversion from landfill from 63% (in 2010/11) to 75%.

Where can I find out about this and have my say?

Information regarding the location, and operation of the waste processing facility (RRP) can be found at one of the following locations.

Residents and users of the current landfill facility and in the vicinity of the proposed RRP site are invited to attend a number of tours and information sessions. The purpose of the tours and information sessions is to provide the community with details of the proposal and to allow the opportunity to provide feedback and comments.

Information Sessions

Mon 14th September 10am
Wednesday 16th September 6pm

Tip Tours
Thursday 17th September 10am
Saturday 26th September 10am

Note: Bookings are essential for the tours and the information sessions for details call ph. 44293129

If you would like to join one of the tours; attend one of the information sessions or would like an information package sent out, please contact Councils Waste Services Unit. Ph. 44293129.

Comments and feedback regarding the proposal can be emailed or mailed to Council quoting reference number and subject heading, 51687E/1 Resource Recovery Park.

All submissions may be made available to the public on request through the GIPA Act. If you do not wish your comments to be made available for others to read you need to indicate on your submission that your comments are not for public view.

Submissions close 9th October 2015.

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