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Taking care of feathered friends

The abandonment of poultry in waterways and on other public land is an ongoing concern in many areas in the Shoalhaven. 

Domestic poultry are abandoned on public land despite signage which discourages it and advises the public to contact the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter for assistance. 

Common areas for poultry to be abandoned include Harry Sawkins Park and Marriott Park in Nowra, Mark Radium Park in Berry and Sussex Inlet Keys.

Shoalhaven City Council receive complaints from the public about poultry for a variety of reasons, including concerns for their welfare, aggressive behaviour, the animals being a traffic hazard, droppings creating a mess and being a health concern, and concerns for the impact on the natural environment. 

“Over 450 abandoned poultry have been removed from local parks since 2000 and while there hasn’t been too many dumped in last couple of years, it has started again of late,” said Ranger Services Manager, Michael Jarman.

“If residents have ducks, chooks or any other poultry they want to get rid of, they should contact the Shoalhaven Animal Shelter or their local poultry club for assistance with rehoming them.

“It takes a lot of resources to catch abandoned poultry and there is also the animal welfare component, as domestic poultry are used to being fed regularly and should never be abandoned.

“Animal ownership should be taken seriously for all creatures great and small. While ducklings and chickens are often cute and fuzzy at the beginning, they require a lifetime of care just like any other animal.”

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