Shoalhaven River College Adopt-An-Estuary

Published on 13 July 2021


Shoalhaven City Council has partnered with Shoalhaven River Collage to Adopt-An-Estuary as part of the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources Communities Environment Program.  

Council’s Environmental Services Department designed the Adopt-An-Estuary Program for students, in year 10 and 11 at Shoalhaven River College, to develop their knowledge and skills in caring for the environment.  

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor Amanda Findley believes  the program provided the students a skill for life. 

“Through the Adopt-An-Estuary Program Shoalhaven City Council staff have provided students with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to safely look after their local estuary for many years to come.” Clr Findley said. 

“Council staff shared their knowledge on estuary management, water quality monitoring and general science skills. Providing these students with a complete learning experience. I am also pleased to hear that the Shoalhaven River College plan to continue this program on a fortnightly basis.” Clr Findley said.  

The program was also joined by Shoalhaven Bushcare and Birdlife Shoalhaven, who guided students in identifying native and invasive plants, while viewing local birdlife.  

Students also gained valuable hands-on experience and with the assistance of Council staff they removed several invasive plant species. Students from the College also provided brilliant feedback on the program stating it was, “a good environmental lesson”.  

Shoalhaven City Council staff, Shoalhaven Bushcare and Shoalhaven Birdlife will continue to monitor the environmental improvements made by the Shoalhaven River College and students. 

 Image: Kate Balding with Students from Shoalhaven River Collage