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My Property

Council provides services and advice to help you enjoy living in the Shoalhaven

Buying and selling
Information to help you in making decisions about buying land in the Shoalhaven

Information on dividing fences, swimming pools fences and front fences

Swimming Pools
Information on regulations, fencing, compliance 

My property details
Basic details about your property, including waste collection days and a summary of planning information

Common issues and ideas to help neighbours

On-site sewage management (septic tank)
If you live in a house that is not connected to the main sewer, then chances are your yard contains an on-site sewage management system. Find out more about the different types of systems and how to keep them working well

Pet ownership
Microchipping, registration, animal related complaints and more

Rates and payments
Payment of rates, water and other bills

Report a problem
Common issues and more information to help

Solid fuel heaters
What is needed to install a wood fire

Trees on my land
Information about pruning or removing trees and what Council approval is required

Waste and recycling
Garbage and recycle collections, green waste, how to minimise waste and more

Proudly part of Council, Shoalhaven Water manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water in the Shoalhaven City. They also collect, treat and dispose of wastewater safely back into the environment 

Related information

Home renovation
Thinking of renovating? Whether it be a new deck or knocking down an old wall, there are a number of things you should consider before you start any renovation works. 

Smoke alarms
How to keep your household alert to fire 

Meetings & Agendas

View all agendas and minutes for Council and Committee meetings.
Agendas & Minutes

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