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Annual Community Survey Results

The annual community survey results are in.

The annual phone survey, conducted by IRIS, uses a random sample of Shoalhaven's demographic makeup, to seek feedback on Council’s performance.

The survey also assesses the community's overall well-being and feelings about their life and environment in general.

Mayor Amanda Findley said the survey presented interesting outcomes Council and the community.

"The Shoalhaven's Happiness index was a score of 83.1, which is well above the national result of 75, it seems our community are happy with their life and with their well-being.”

“Feedback showed that residents agree that it is a liveable City because they feel it is safe and offers a relaxed and happy lifestyle,” Clr Findley said.

“Overall the community were satisfied with Council’s performance and Council received a similar satisfaction rating to previous years”

Services which received significant improvements over the past year included Community buildings and halls, Parks, playgrounds and reserves and Hygiene standards of food outlets”

“There has been significant work in each of these areas such as the recent promotion and education campaign scores on the door, improvements to parks and outdoor facilities and improvements to some halls and buildings.”

“Our Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre received a high rating as did the promotion of tourism, waste and recycling services and the support and provision of events”

“There were areas identified for improvement including roads and the processing of development applications”

“These are areas where a lot of work and improvements are occurring and we are expecting more positive ratings over time as the impact of road improvements and increases in resources within the development area start to take effect. “

“Council decision making and opportunities to participate in decision making were also raised by the community as an area for improvement. Council is aware that work needs to be undertaken to ensure we are inclusive and people feel that they have their opportunity to have their say in decision-making processes. “

“It is something that we will continue to work on together to bring positive change for our community”

 "Council is already working hard to overcome many of the areas for improvements and is seeking to continue to deliver for our community.”

“This survey is a good measure of where we are at and where we want to be in the future.”

“It is important that we show the results to the community both the positive and the areas for improvement to ensure that we remain transparent and the community can hold us to account.”

“The survey will also assist in reporting on Community Strategic Plan and the Delivery Program and input to End of Term Report."

The results of the survey are currently available on Council’s website and are the subject of a report to Council’s Ordinary Meeting to be held on the 13th November 2018.

Key Facts from the Annual Community Survey

44% of Shoalhaven residents are either very satisfied or satisfied with the performance of Council over the past 12 months.

Residents are generally satisfied with Council’s performance because they believe Shoalhaven Council is functioning well.

Over 73% of Shoalhaven residents had contacted Shoalhaven City Council within the past year.

Approximately 21,000 contacts with Council per month. Nearly half (49%) of the adult population contacted Council within the last six months, 14% (10,500) in the past month.

In general, residents were satisfied with response timeliness (3.8/5) and overall performance of Council in dealing with a request (3.7/5).

49% of residents were aware of Council’s community engagement projects and initiatives.

There is a very high satisfaction with Council’s library services and when compared to other Council’s we are close to the best in the provision of this service.

Negative stories and the impact of negative comments on social media and in the media were highlighted as having a significant effect on overall satisfaction ratings. Ratings were based on the stories rather than real experiences of the services or facilities.

Shoalhaven residents indicated that they were in favour of educating the community for dog offences and sought a more punitive approach for tree vandalism, unauthorised building work and illegal dumping.

Residents can view the survey on Council's website under Community Survey Report 2018

  • Annual Community Survey Results

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