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Hands on approach to spread the word on Threatened Speices

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor Amanda Findley has congratulated students from Vincentia High who successfully completed the Youth Frontiers Mentoring program at a ceremony at the school on 19 October 2016. 

One of the projects involved Council Officer Angela Jenkins mentored Vincentia High Students Bonnie Dreyer and Zoe Clayton to educate local primary school students within the Bay and Basin area about threatened species. This involved working each week with the two Year 8 students during the last term to help them develop a meaningful project.

Bonnie and Zoe organised a competition with six local primary schools where they ran an education session at each school and encouraged the students to dream up a design for a sign which would feature in the bushland interface at the high school.  The sign was to remind students of the environmental value of the area, to encourage them not litter and be more aware of their natural surroundings.

The Report Illegal Dumping Rangers and National Parks and Wildlife were also on board to assist with a rubbish clean up and education campaign. 

The effectiveness of the project was aided by the fantastic prizes that were donated to the competition by Council and other sponsors. This enabled the mentees to reach a wide audience and gain participation from over 70 primary students in their awareness raising exercise.

A 2m x 2m metal laser cut sign with the winning "Help to Protect the Endangered Bristlebird" design was unveiled and will be installed in the school public carpark at the bushland and Eastern Bristlebird habitat interface. The mentees judged the winning sign by certain criteria to ensure that there was a fair and transparent decision of the winner. The sign was judged on both a design and creativity element but also by the information, local relevance and messages that it conveyed. The sign will continue to help raise awareness about the plight of the threatened species next to the Vincentia High School into the future.

Mayor Findley said, “This mentoring project has produced some great outcomes and will be a constant reminder for future students at Vincentia High that they live in an area rich in wildlife which deserves our ongoing respect and protection”.

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