Garden (Green) Waste

Garden (green) waste is excess garden vegetation that includes grass clippings, pruned branches, leaves, flowers and weeds.

Garden waste can go in your red-lid bin, but as an alternative, or for excess amounts, Council offers other disposal options:

  1. Arranging a Green & Bulky Waste Collection pick up service
  2. Dropping it off to your nearest Council Recycling and Waste Depot
    • Weighbridge Depots $11 per 100 kg
    • Non Weighbridge Depots $30 per cubic metre (equivalent of a level 6x4 trailer load)

Your valid Household Waste Disposal Vouchers or Garden (Green) Waste Disposal Vouchers are accepted as payment.

Free! Shredded garden organics

Our Recycling and Waste Depots turn your garden waste into a pasteurised mulch-like product and then offer it back to Shoalhaven residents for free! Availability is dependent on how much our Recycling and Waste Depots receive and how much has been removed by residents.

It is suitable for use in your garden. See our Mulch Disclaimer for more details.

Current availability at our Recycling and Waste Depots

This information is updated weekly and is accurate as of Monday, 19 April 2021 09:00 AM. Council is unable to predict how much may be removed on any day or advise if supply becomes depleted.

Location Estimated m3
Bendalong Recycling and Waste Depot 10
Berry Recycling and Waste Depot 40
Callala Recycling and Waste Depot 35
Conjola Recycling and Waste Depot 10
Huskisson Recycling and Waste Depot 900
Kangaroo Valley Recycling and Waste Depot 10
Kioloa Recycling and Waste Depot 0
Sussex Inlet Recycling and Waste Depot 35
Ulladulla Recycling and Waste Depot 50
West Nowra Recycling and Waste Depot 80

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Last updated on 19 April 2021