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All developers are required to prepare detailed engineering design plans in accordance with Shoalhaven City Council engineering design specifications and drawings.

Works-as-executed plans are required to be prepared by a registered surveyor. 

Shoalhaven City Council requires these plans to be submitted electronically in a format that allows electronic importing of asset details.

Engineering construction specifications

Our engineering construction specification outlines the construction requirements of works on current or future public infrastructure in the Shoalhaven. The specifications aim to ensure that infrastructure is functional, safe, economical, meets community expectations and follows industry best practice.

Specification Number Specification Title
C101 General
C201 Control of Traffic
C211 Control of Erosion and Sedimentation
C212 Clearing and Grubbing
C213 Earthworks
C220 Stormwater Drainage
C221 Pipe Drainage
C222 Precast Box Culverts
C223 Drainage Structures
C224 Open Drains (including Kerb and Gutter)
C230 Subsurface Drainage
C231 Subsoil and Foundation Drains
C232 Pavement Drains
C233 Drainage Mats
C241 Stabilisation
C242 Flexible Pavements
C244 Sprayed Bituminous Surfacing
C245 Asphaltic Concrete
C247 Mass Concrete Sub-base
C248 Plain or Reinforced Concrete Sub-base
C254 Segmental Paving
C255 Bituminous Micro-surfacing
C261  Pavement Markings
C262 Signposting
C263 Guide Posts
C264 Guard Fence
C265 Boundary Fencing
C271 Minor Concrete Works
C273 Landscaping
CQS Quality System Requirements
CQS-C Annexures
CQC Quality Control Requirements

Standard drawings

Standard drawings show construction layouts and details of infrastructure assets acceptable to Shoalhaven City Council.

Signs & road furniture

Drawing Number Drawing Title
2637-27 Flood warning sign
2637-28 Street name signs 

Erosion and Sediment Control - Best Environmental Practices

Our Erosion and Sediment Control guide contains helpful information on:

  • Best practices for your building site
  • How to control and minimise your environmental impact
  • How to prevent erosion and sediment runoff reaching gutters, drains, streams, rivers, lakes and beaches

This guide is designed to help you manage your environmental impact and comply with the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

It is intended to provide easy, effective and realistic advice on how to adopt control methods to support good site practices so you can manage your site and minimise (or totally remove) your impact on waterways and the wider environment. 

Relevant documents

The following documents provide information that reflects good engineering practice and details the standards and requirements that need to be met in the design, construction and development of infrastructure assets in the Shoalhaven City Council.