Road Closures - 9 August

Published on 09 August 2020

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9 August Road Closures

For the most up-to-date information on our road closures page.


  • Hay Avenue- Shoalhaven Heads
  • Jerry Bailey Road - Shoalhaven Heads
  • Back Forest Road – Back Forest
  • Coolangatta Road – Berry
  • Beach Road, near Campbell’s Run- Berry
  • Queen Street/Prince Alfred St – Berry
  • Woodhill Mountain Road, parts closed - Broughton Vale
  • Woodhill Mountain Rd, near Wattamolla Rd closed due to landslide - Broughton Vale
  • Boundary Rd, alternative route for residents only - Broughton Vale
  • Cedarvale Lane, bridge damage - Jaspers Brush
  • Bolong Road at Bomaderry
  • Edwards Avenue – Bomaderry
  • Meroo Road, near Fletchers Lane - Meroo Meadow
  • Hockeys Lane, near Illaroo Road - Cambewarra
  • Rock Hill Road – North Nowra
  • Plunkett Street, Eastern end - Nowra
  • Albatross Road – Nowra
  • Berry Street- Nowra
  • Bennett Place - Worrigee
  • Quinns Lane - South Nowra
  • Flinders Road, near Albatross Road- South Nowra 
  • Forest Road, near intersection to Princes Hwy- Nowra Hill
  • Woollamia Road, closed between Pritchard Avenue & Fairfax Road – Woollamia
  • Grady's Riverside Retreat, Burrier Road – Burrier
  • Millbank Road – Terara
  • Terara Road – Terara
  • South Street – Terara
  • Bryant Street – Terara
  • Southern Road – Terara
  • West Berry Street – Terara
  • Holmes Street – Terara
  • Forsyth Street – Terara
  • Fox Street – Terara
  • Nobblers Lane – Terara
  • Comerong Island Road – Numbaa
  • The Park Drive, between Larmer Avenue and Boronia Street - Sanctuary Point
  • Wandean Rd- Wandandian
  • Wunda Ave - Sussex Inlet
  • Wunda Ave, at Jacobs Drive – Sussex Inlet
  • River Road, at Harbord St – Sussex Inlet
  • Poole Avenue – Sussex Inlet
  • Banksia Street – Sussex Inlet
  • Fairview Crescent, blocked off at both ends which intersect with River Road – Sussex Inlet
  • Clyde Ridge Road, near Carisbrook Road near Upside Down Bridge/Low-Level Bridge - Mogood
  • The River Road- Shallow Crossing - Mogood
  • Carisbrook Road – Morton
  • Brooman Road/ River Road - Brooman
  • Braidwood Road and Turpentine Road - Road closed at Oallen Ford. Drive to the conditions. For further updates


    WATER OVER ROAD - Drive to conditions and don't drive through floodwaters. Conditions subject to change.

  • Bolong Road – Bolong
  • Dryden Close - Nowra
  • Wharf Road - Nowra
  • Corner of Kangaroo Valley Road and Glenmurray Road/ Moss Vale Road - Kangaroo Valley 
  • Meroo Rd/ Halstead Place - Meroo Meadow
  • Springbank Road, near Mayfield Road – Mayfield
  • Neilson Lane - Sussex Inlet
  • Jacob’s Drive – Sussex Inlet
  • Ellmoos Avenue – Sussex Inlet
  • Cater Crescent – Sussex Inlet


A ‘road closed’ means that road is unsafe to travel on. Find alternate ways which are free from stormwater or wait until all clear is given for that road.

Road Updates for the Princes Highway can be found via Live Traffic NSW.

Please don't drive through floodwaters. Regardless if you 'know' the road, if you see it is flooded, turn around and find a different way to get to your destination. 

·        Don’t Drive into Floodwater

·        Don’t Walk into Floodwater

·        Don’t Ride into Floodwater

Never swim in floodwaters. Unpredictable currents and submerged hazards are very dangerous. The water may also be contaminated with sewage or chemicals. This contamination may continue for some time and affect recreational waters. 

For emergency help in floods and storms, call the NSW SES on 132 500.

For life-threatening emergencies call Triple Zero (000).



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