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Waste and Recycling



The Future of Shoalhaven Waste Management


Council’s only remaining mixed waste landfill site at West Nowra will be full within the next 10 years.  Without an alternative landfill currently available it is necessary to preserve the landfill space at West Nowra by finding ways to recycle more waste. 

 As a result Council has investigated opportunities, through expert technology providers, to process domestic waste into usable products.  A brief overview of the various options was provided in the brochure at this link.  We Can Recycle More

During October and November 2013 Council conducted a survey of residents opinions through a specialist Market Research company.  The report can be viewed at Public Survey Results - Waste Processing Options

Waste and recycling

Council aims to provide efficient, reliable and sustainable waste services to meet the needs of our diverse community. Services include:

Home Sustainability Workshops
Shoalhaven City Council offers free 1 ½ hour workshops in household sustainability covering topics such as composting, worm farming, natural cleaning, organic veggie gardening and "love your leftovers" (Love Food Hate Waste).

Illegal dumping
How to report illegal dumping of waste

Love Food Hate Waste
The average NSW household throws away over $1000 worth of food each year. Find out great tips for cutting down on food waste in your household as well as fun and nutritious recipies for your leftovers.

Includes what you can and can’t recycle, when your recycle bin will be picked up, recycling tips 

Special programs
Details about how to recycle common items, including special programs for certain types of goods 

Waste depots 
Council has 10 waste and recycling depots at various locations throughout the Shoalhaven where selected types of waste can be delivered. 

Pollution Incident Response Management Plans (PIRMP) and Environmental Monitoring Data for Council’s licenced waste and transfer facilities, as required by the POEO Act 1997 and POEO (General) Regulation 2009, are available for viewing at Pollution Incident Response Plans and Environmental Monitoring Data


Related information
There is also information related to your property such as:

Bulky waste pickups
How to arrange pickup of bulky waste from your property, such as mattresses, old furniture, building items, whitegoods, bikes, wood, toys, garden tools or any general household items

Garbage collection
Includes when your bin will be picked up, bin sizes, how to get your bin repaired 

Garden waste pickups
How to arrange pickup of domestic green waste from your property, such as small prunings, grass clippings etc 

Green Waste Processing
How your mulch is made including disclaimer

Sewage management onsite
Information about the various types of on site sewage management, e.g. septic tanks
Waste management events
Want to know what events are coming up about recycling, composting etc?

Check out the Waste Management events (new window).