East Nowra Sub Arterial (ENSA) Road Project

The East Nowra Sub Arterial Road (ENSA) is proposed to connect Greenwell Point Road (in the vicinity of Old Southern Road) to the Princes Highway, at North Street. The link will relieve pressure along the Kalandar Street / Princes Highway route to the Nowra CBD.


The latest

The NSW Government has pledged $12 million for planning and early works to progress the East Nowra Sub-Arterial Road (ENSA). This initial funding for the project recognises the importance of this future road.

Council is continuing to advocate with all levels of government to secure funding to progress the ENSA project.

About the project

ENSA is a proposed sub-arterial road that would provide a much-needed alternative connection between the Princes Highway and Greenwell Point Rd and become a primary route for traffic that travels between the highway and Worrigee and the coastal villages to the east. ENSA would significantly reduce congestion at the Princes Highway/Kalandar Street intersection and reduce congestion on the Princes Highway through the Nowra CBD.


ENSA was initiated through Shoalhaven City Council as early as 2004, with concept designs, geotechnical and surveying work completed. The proposed sub-arterial road is identified in the Nowra Key Road Projects Strategic Overview.

Council has strategically acquired much of the land on which the proposed road alignment sits to minimise barriers for future delivery of the project and facilitate investigations.

In recent years, Council has completed more detailed geotechnical investigations along the proposed alignment to better understand the likely construction costs. The most recent cost estimate for the project is $75 million for the construction of the road and intersections, with a further $25 million estimated in associated works to optimise integration and connectivity with surrounding streets.

The ENSA fly-through video below depicts a concept layout for the alignment of the road, indicative intersections with Princes Highway/North Street and Greenwell Point Road, and possible connections to the Nowra High precinct and Stocklands. The fly-through also depicts an alternative connection into the Nowra CBD via an overpass into North Street as an option to avoid adding an additional set of traffic lights onto the Highway. Each of the options are for illustrative purposes only and would require significant consultation and design investigations to develop preferred options.


12/04/2023 - Council is continuing to advocate with all levels of government to secure funding to progress the ENSA project through a design development and detailed site investigation phase.

A digitally rendered fly-through of ENSA is available to be viewed on this page which shows the intended location of the road and possible intersection arrangements with Greenwell Point Road and Princess Highway.