Memorial Locations

Commemoration in a Cemetery

In the Shoalhaven, 6 locations have gardens or walls where cremated remains can be placed (interred) and commemorated with a plaque.


In a Burial Site

If your family has a grave in a local cemetery it may be possible to arrange for the interment of the cremated remains in the same plot.

At Home

You may wish to preserve the cremated remains in a decorative urn to be kept at home or some other favourite spot. If you would like to purchase an urn, there are a range on display in the office or we can assist in ordering further designs from Anakie Pottery or Final Touch.


Scatter gardens are available at Shoalhaven Memorial Gardens and Lawn Cemetery and Sandridge Cemetery.

If you intend to scatter the cremated remains, you should contact the relevant authority to check for any specific requirements or regulations.

NSW Department of Environment and Heritage advise that scattering at a beach in a National Park can take place below the mean high water mark unless the water is within a Marine Park.

Scattering cremated remains on land in National Parks is not permitted.

Scattering in a Marine Park is not permitted.


You can ring and make an appointment with Shoalhaven Bereavement Services to review or visit the different types of memorial options. Brochures are also available to be sent via post or email.