Nowra General Cemetery


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Established in 1875, Nowra General Cemetery was the Shoalhaven's major cemetery for more than 100 years until it ceased issuing new Rights of Burial in the late 1980s. All existing Rights of Burial continue to be honoured.

It is a denominational cemetery, providing burial areas for some major religions (Catholic, Anglican, Uniting Church etc), with an 'Independent' portion providing for other religions and secular burials. In the 1970's a small Lawn Cemetery portion was established and served the Shoalhaven until the opening of the Shoalhaven Lawn Cemetery, Worrigee, in 1987.

Nowra General Cemetery also incorporates the local Royal Australian Navy's Cemetery and a War-graves Cemetery, which is administered and maintained by the Office of Australian War-graves. These are located in the north western corner of the cemetery off Kalandar Street.

A columbarium for the interment or immurement of cremated remains and commemoration is situated within the Cemetery.

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