Bomaderry/Nowra Regional Sports and Community Precinct Masterplan

Report Bomaderry Nowra Regional Sports & Community Precinct Master Plan

Project Background

Shoalhaven City Council has been preparing a draft Bomaderry/Nowra Regional Sports & Community Precinct Master Plan for Artie Smith Oval and Bomaderry Sporting Complex. The draft Master Plan seeks to establish a Regional Sport and Community Precinct at the Artie Smith Oval and Bomaderry Sporting Complex, both located within Bomaderry, to deliver high quality sporting facilities together with infrastructure to support local, regional and state level sport as well as the surrounding local community needs. This is a Plan for the next 30 years, intending to meet the needs of a growing community now and into the future. As a result, the development will be broken into key stages, which are outlined below:

Key Stages:

1. Establish Site

2. Community Pavilion

3. Athletics Facility/ Pavilion

4. Rugby League Facilities & Pavilion

5. AFL/ Cricket Facilities & Pavilion

 Purpose of the Project

The development aims to cater for junior and senior sport, provide quality training facilities, provides a venue for elite sporting events at state and regional level. The supporting infrastructure includes a community pavilion providing support services that have the potential to provide aquatic, medical, physiotherapy, rehabilitation health, wellness and fitness services. The facilities would provide for a 7 day a week operation and establish a Community Meeting place including a café/bistro, child minding, meeting place and opportunities for learning and education. The venue also has the capacity to offer a range of community programs which address identified community needs such as crime, unemployment, health, literacy and numeracy.

The draft Master Plan integrates the Shoalhaven Indoor Sports Centre and a remodelled indoor aquatics facility in the Community Pavilion interconnected with extensive open parklands, play facilities, walking paths with outdoor fitness stations, cycleway and the opportunity for Community Gardens, along with car parking. In additional, the Master Plan supports co-usage / training associated with sporting fields and a 400m athletics track.

Draft Plan - Report to Council

The draft Bomaderry/Nowra Regional Sporting & Community Precinct Master Plan was reported to Council on the 20th December 2016. View a copy of the Council Report. It was resolved at Council's Ordinary Meeting January 2017:

  1. That Council finalise and adopt the draft Bomaderry Nowra Regional Sports & Community Precinct Master Plan with the following amendment and minor amendments in the submissions table:
    1. Allocate funds as outlined below to redesign the Master Plan to:
      1. Allow for the addition of small amenities buildings at the cricket/AFL field, athletics track and rugby league field to include, equipment storage, kiosk and meeting space
      2. Include a new 25m pool designed to meet FINA requirements for competitions for Regional and State events
  2. Council consider allocation of $100,000 in the 2017/18 budget to undertake further studies to progress towards detailed design including traffic studies.
  3. Council continue to liaise with Nowra Croquet Club on an alternate site to relocate the existing croquet facilities
  4. Council consider allocation of $20,000 in the 2017/18 budget to advance a concept design and cost estimates for a like-for-like replacement facility for Nowra Croquet.
  5. Subject to recommendations 4 & 5, Council receive a further report and allocate funding in subsequent budget out years to enable the relocation of the Nowra Croquet Club to align with overall construction program.
  6. Council continue to liaise with Shoalhaven Canoe & Kayak Club on aquatic facility locations for play / storage requirements.
  7. Council receive a report in the first quarter of 2018 outlining more details on staging, costings and possible funding sources.
  8. Council seek grant funding to develop Bomaderry Nowra Regional Sports & Community Precinct after detailed design has been undertaken.
  9. Council continue to work with the various sport and user groups to seek possible partnership funding for relevant aspects of the precinct.
  10. Council continue to liaise with affected property owners being 109, 111, 111A and 113 Cambewarra Road, Bomaderry, and report back to council on the owners current position.
  11. Advise submitters, CCBs, community and sports groups of the resolution of this meeting.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Susan Edwards, Social Infrastructure Planner on (02) 4429 3632.

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