Tourist and Visitor Accommodation and Clause 2.8

Two people kayaking on calm river with houses in background
  • Project StatusIn progress

Council has received representations from the community regarding Clause 2.8 (Temporary use of land) of Shoalhaven Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014 and the tourist and visitor accommodation controls within both the LEP and Shoalhaven Development Control Plan (DCP) 2014. In response to this Council has resolved to review both Clause 2.8 and the tourist and visitor controls.

As a part of this review Council is undertaking consultation with the community and development/tourism industry members to gain feedback on the operation of Clause 2.8 and the tourist and visitor accommodation controls. The results of this consultation will be reported to Council who will decide if any amendments are needed to either the LEP or DCP and if so the nature of these amendments.

Council has not made a decision whether or not to support any amendments to Clause 2.8 or the tourist & visitor accommodation controls within the LEP at this point in time.