Review of Shoalhaven Heads Master Plan


The Shoalhaven Heads Township Landscape Master Plan outlines the general approach to the planning and implementation of streetscape and landscaping improvements in the town of Shoalhaven Heads.

The Master Plan provides an overarching approach and seeks to coordinate the intentions of the community with the objectives of Council’s improvement programs. It incorporates pathway networks, town entrances, streetscaping, and upgrades to infrastructure as well as a Shoalhaven Heads specific colour palette, preferred materials, and plant species to be utilised throughout the town. Whilst the Master Plan is a Council document, it is community driven.

The Shoalhaven Heads Landscape Master Plan was developed in June 2014 in consultation with the community. Given the age of the Master Plan, many projects have since been completed, or the priorities in the community may have changed, and therefore a review is warranted.

In order to review and update the current document, Council proposes to further consult with the Shoalhaven Heads community, to seek feedback on the current Master Plan and identify their priorities for future projects.


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